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I have done very little with this blog for quite a while now. I’m hoping to spend sometime soon revamping, updating and writing some reviews.


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Fall line up for 2010-2011

4th Grade Girl
Bible: AWANAs
Penmanship & Writing: Abeka 3rd grade Cursive
Grammar: Easy Grammar w/ Daily Grams
Spelling: Purposeful Design Spelling
Reading: McGuffey 4th Reader, McCall-Crabbs, and lots of free reading
Math: Saxon 5/4 and some MEP here and there
History: mostly library books, and some current events
Science: library books & experiments, CLP Science Reader
Foreign Language: planning on Rosetta Stone Spanish

2nd Grade Girl
Bible: AWANAs
Penmanship: copywork, starting Cheerful Cursive in Nov.
Phonics & grammar: Abeka Phonics & Language
Reading: McGuffey 2nd reader, McCall-Crabbs, free reading
Math: CLE 2nd grade
History: CLP History for Little Pilgrims
Science: library books & experiments, CLP Science Reader
Foreign Language: planning on Rosetta Stone Spanish

3yr old Boy:
Bible: AWANAs
Fine motor skills: Kumon workbooks, lacing & Montessori type activities
Counting and numbers
Alphabet & letter sounds
Life Skills: dressing, getting shoes on & off, and taking turns (via games)

I hope to post curriculum reviews soon 🙂

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Upcoming Events (Omaha Metro Area)

*** There are a TON of really cool camps going on this summer.  MomsOfOmaha has a great list – CLICK HERE ***

There are MANY places in the area that offer sports, art, music, drama, cooking and sewing classes.  I have tried to list places below that offer classes specifically to homeschoolers.  CLICK HERE for MomsOfOmaha list of classes and lessons.

Classes at Omaha Homeschool Learning Center

Events at Omaha Public Library

Nature Classes & Activities at Fontenelle Forest

Drama Classes at Omaha Community Playhouse


Joslyn Museum

Homeschool Classes At Joslyn Art Museum (they also have several other art classes that aren’t homeschool specific)

Offers several camps and classes.  (They used to offer science classes for homeschoolers, but those have been canceled  for now)

Henry Doorly Zoo offers many science classes at all levels

 Half Pints & Future Chef Kids cooking classes at Whole Foods

FREE building workshops!

School At Sea – cruises for homeschoolers, looks really neat!

*** Be sure to check’s Event Calendar for more local events. ***

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I recently started hearing about workboxes, a system for homeschooling where a child’s work (and sometimes play) is divided into boxes, drawers, or bins. The child works their way through seeing that they are getting closer to the last box, then they’re done. After researching the many different ways people are implementing this system I figured out how I wanted it set up. The original workbox system is by Sue Patrick, click here for her website.
So, here’s how I did it…

Supplies I used:
6 3-drawer sets of 12×12 scrapbook drawers
2 smaller drawers (I think 9×12)
perforated blank business cards
velcro circles
laminator & laminator sheets

(The pictures don’t show up as well as I’d like, but it gives you an idea…

Setting up the system:

I used business cards for numbering the boxes, I also used them for “Work with Mom” cards that go with the subjects that I need to work with them on. I printed a large rectangles on cardstock for the “DONE” cards, and for bookmarks. I laminated everything, then used velcro circles to attach the number cards to the drawers and the DONE cards.

Using the workboxes:

What goes in the drawers –

I put one subject in each drawer, trying to make it so that one girl will have independent work while the other is working with me. Some subjects are workbooks, for those they just use a book mark to keep their place. For textbook subjects I use a dry erase marker on the plain side of the bookmark (see above) to write out the assignments. I re-write the assignments daily. For worksheet subjects, such as Abeka Language, I make a packet for a week at a time. My girls just want to get their work done, so they didn’t like the idea of having ‘fun’ stuff stretching out their work day, BUT a lot of people like to put fun things in there. Some ideas – Leapster games, ‘Rush Hour‘ type games, puzzles, games to play with mom, connect-the-dots, mazes, playdough, etc. I’ve also thought of using the blank business cards to make some fitness cards with things like “Do 15 jumping jacks”, “Run 3 laps around the house”, etc. You could also make chore cards.

Using the workboxes –

At the beginning of the day – the ‘DONE’ label is not on the DONE box, instead it is in the last drawer. (see picture above) After the first drawer is completed, the number card is taken off and tossed into the DONE box. They keep on working their way through the drawers, taking off the number cards as they go along. If there are any single worksheets, or a packet is completed, that also gets put into the DONE box. When they get to the last drawer, they get to put the DONE label up on the DONE box. Then everyone knows that they’re finished for the day.

There are many different variations on how people are using this system. If you google ‘workboxes’, you will get plenty ideas. Here are some ideas on HomeschoolShare. I know it definitely helps me & the kids stay on track.

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Welcome to Barefoot Homeschoolers!

I’m just getting started, so there will be much more to come.  Right Now you can browse through the Internet Resources & Local pages.

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